Tyr Busch Rotary Lobe Blowers

The robustness and operational reliability of oil-lubricated R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps have long made them the industry standard.

Tyr Busch Rotary Lobe Blowers

Tyr – powerful and quiet. The modern vacuum and low overpressure generator.

  • Ultimate pressure: 14.75" HgV
  • Pressure: 14.5 psig
  • Pumping Speed 60 Hz: 88 - 2578 ACFM

Tyr rotary lobe blowers are high-performance generators for vacuum and low overpressure which set new benchmarks in terms of performance, compactness and noise reduction.

Tyr WT

Vacuum and Overpressure Generation for Industrial Applications

Tyr WT 0100 – 0730 BV/BP
88 / 353 – 544 / 2578 ACFM, 14.75 ″HgV, 14.5 PSIG

Operational reliability
Tyr rotary lobe blowers are extremely reliable due to their robust design and high level of precision during manufacture. Piston ring seals ensure a long, fault-free service life with automatic belt tensioning. Tyr rotary lobe blowers are extremely energy-efficient due to three factors: the energy-saving motor, the option to choose motor size depending on requirements, and the highly efficient blower stages.